Commercial Fleet Wrap Upfit Packages

Have a new or late model cargo? Check out our selection of graphic coverage and figure out which package fits your branding purpose the best. We will be rolling out our sell sheets for the different major dealership makes. Use our contact form for a quick price quote response. Click here.

Car wraps are here to stay!

Get in on the best way to advertise your business! Wrap your vehicle and get market positioning in areas where advertising is limited to direct mail and door hangers. If you do business in the suburbs wrapping your car is the best investment in your marketing dollars.

Summer Fleet Wrap Specials

Have small or large cargo vans? Call or email us and get up to $50.00 off our current wrap pricing for your late model van wrap.

We’ve added a Design feature to our site

Click here to create mockups of your wrap or click the “Design Your Wrap! ” tab above. The biggest holdup in any type of wrap is getting our clients to visualize what they want. with the added customizer feature, you can get close to your final idea and we’ll do the rest. It’s a great tool […]

Box Truck wraps: Mattress Depot

It’s looking like  a busy summer for fleet graphics. Let us create a package price for your multi-location delivery vehicles. We can print and ship, even coordinate your installs across the US.   

food truck wrap

Got plans for making a food truck? Here are some tips and tricks to ensure long lasting graphics and installation.
Design- usually, anything goes…However, a simple and clean design lend well to brand longevity. Remember they’re there for your food, no matter how cool your logo or graphics are. Budget $250-500 for a nice layout with you providing high resolution content. Each food truck is different so placement and how the graphics are overlaid are crucial to each wrap.

Truck Body- If you build a food truck from scratch, consider at minimum a clear coat finish. Wrap vinyl needs to have a stable surface to adhere to, having diamond plate, or an unfinished surface can cause lifting and ruin a wrap down the road. Same goes for previously “custom” painted trucks where to save money, the previous owner hand painted the whole truck with latex or some kind of brush paint. We’ve received a few of those over the years. The only solution is to send it to a body shop and have the paint sand blasted and new coat of paint and clear coat. We do not suggest wrapping over existing custom paint graphics

Installation- Power wash and clean the truck before delivery to our bay, specify specific items that are custom to your truck that we need to make sure doesn’t get covered, like LnI Stickers or registration sticker. Plan on us having the truck 4-5 days after production has started on your approved design.



Small Cargo Vehicle Wrap special

Want to brand your delivery or company cargo and don’t want to do a full wrap? Checkout our small cargo special. we can have your fleet branded in a few days. Applies to all late model cargo vans like the nissan nv 200, transit connect, chevy city and the ram promoter city. Look spiffy for […]

Box truck wraps

Get up to 20% off our box truck wraps. We service the I-5 corridor to Oregon and I -90 to Post falls, Idaho. Save big on multi wrap installs of 3 or more.