What does a vehicle wrap cost?

If you are not comfortable with spending at least $2-4k, then a wrap is not within your marketing budget. Compared to traditional advertising, like outdoor media, tv, radio, transit or magazine, your costs are pennies to what you’ll spend. There are a few things that you need to do to make wrap advertising effective. We’ll simplify it to Wrap 1-2-3.

1) Design it simple, don’t make it busy, its a billboard for your company for crying out loud.

2) Drive it around- wraps are made to be seen, unlike stationary billboards, or even bus ads, wraps allow you to drive around any neighborhood. A typical city can get upwards of 35k impressions daily. (blah, blah, that’s what someone in advertising came up with years ago to sell wraps) However, we do get comments from people that mention they’ve seen a fleet of wraps from a client even though the client only has one wrap. See? Your business can appear everywhere, this is called positioning.

3) The third is, Drive it Around! See what we did there? Your wraps can be on your vehicle as long as you want it to be there. No time limits like Billboard advertising, which by the way could cost you at least $3k, for one month. That’s right, one month. If you want to do Billboards, we can sell you those too. Let’s talk if you have a budget for that! Thats what our main company Ballard Outdoor does.



There are 3 phases to a wrap. Design, Production, Installation.

1) Design – 2days – (sometimes) 6months. Why so long? We’ll, you my friend, as the client, final call on approval for a design is your call.  Seattle Car Wraps provides design layout for your logo, images and content you want to put on your vehicle. We design based on our knowledge base of 10 plus years ( and Art degrees) to provide you with an effective layout. Approval can sometimes take the longest part because of too many decision makers on the client end.

What if you have your own designer and art ready to Print?

We consider a ready to print file (RTP), a file provided by someone that is knowledgeable at preparing files to submit to a print service bureau. Having logos and an an idea of how you want your vehicle to look is not ready to print. There are resolution requirements and vehicle templates specific to your make and model car that are needed to put together in a format that is to scale for final printing. ( see below for typical fees involved to for getting files)

2) Production- 3-5 days*  – Once we have a RTP (ready to print file)  We start printing on the best 3M wrap material available. After everything is printed and double checked for sizes and collated, it is now ready for Installation.

3) Installation- 2-3 days – You, the client will drop off your  Pre-washed vehicle either at the Ballard shop or your install specified location. We run through our Pre-Installation checklist, noting the Vin and the make and model and check for any possible areas that are going to be issues. In some cases, removal of existing graphics will be needed (fee) and that will be considered in the schedule. After finalizing the install the vehicle should be ready to drive as normal.

*depending on the scope and quantity of vehicles. In some cases more days are required.


Just like any business, time is money and not having your file ready at correct resolution will have added cost.

$65.00- Our typical setup fee that is charged with every wrap. This means that if you submit your own RTP (Ready to Print File). We still have to open it, parse it, panel it, and set it up to make sure everything prints correct. We will send you and FPO Proof (For Proof Only) , basically a screenshot of the file you sent, to make sure you catch any typos and issues before we go ahead and print your $2k or more project.

$250- Layout fee, if you don’t have a ready to print file, we can produce it for you. You provide your logo, color scheme, samples and content ( like web, phone, and other info).  We will design it and provide the correct template to your make and model, and provide you with up to 3 rounds of changes.

$35.00- Vehicle templates- If you want to do your own layout and know how to use illustrator and photoshop, we can provide you with the correct template for you to prepare your own RTP (Ready to Print File). We will also send you an accompanying pdf that will have resolution and layout requirements. This is provided you have an approved estimate from one of our account managers and have sent in your deposit.

Email us at sales@seattlecarwraps.com